Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Living on the edge (read note below first)

That's what they say we do in Alaska. But today's blog entry is all about flipping sailboats, something I'm learning how to do in spring sailing. So for a break from my usual discussions of new media and how it's scaring old media, here is a You Tube video that spoke to me. I saw it posted on the good ol' Alaska Sailing Club blog; I belong to that club and learned to sail there two summers ago at Big Lake. I'd been writing a few posts there about my boat-flipping experiences at Stanford. I am a very green (as in new, not as in seasick) sailor. During this very windy spring, I am trying to increase my sailing knowledge. I see from watching this video, I will improve my flipped-boat skills by learning how to step over and onto the centerboard without getting a drop of water on me!

So this post is just for fun. On the other hand, the metaphors probably still hold for journalism: If your boat flips, jump on the centerboard and right it. Then go for a helluva ride!

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